ProbeMall is a form of blockchain commerce (Chain-Commerce), it is a new generation cross-border e-commerce platform. It is designed based on authenticated business data, commercial information, and demand algorithm derived from the blockchain ecosystem. All these tools are aimed to accelerate the small, medium-sized enterprises and merchants with their business growth.

These superior technology tools and functionality are not found in conventional e-commerce. We enabled critical decision services that are important to SMEs & merchants as part of their growth strategy. Our ProbeMall features come with various automated abilities such as tax filing, customs declaration, intelligent marketing, smart sales and possibly listing preparation. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that our SMEs are inter-connected globally with strategic targeted market channels. ProbeMall is designed towards efficiency in generating user traffic to increase sales. SMEs and merchants will enjoy lower e-commerce expense which in turn will translate into higher revenue and business performance.

The base layer of ProbeMall’s blockchain decentralized ecosystem allows customers to deal directly with the merchants in a safe and secure environment. Our shoppers will enjoy peace of mind that their data are safe. All their purchases with enjoy distinct price advantages from participating merchants over the world.